Pew Pew

Pew Pew 1.331.335

Old school space shooter for Windows 8


  • Cool retro style
  • Humorous
  • Looks good


  • Won't keep you busy for long
  • Controls a little clumsy

Not bad

If you're looking for some cool-looking fun on Windows 8, check out Pew Pew.

This super-cute, hand-drawn Space shooter takes its name from the "pew pew" sounds little kids make when pretending to shoot things. It's a pretty simple game - you're in control of a Mothership that shoots as you go. Obviously, you have to eliminate the enemy, and you steer using the on-screen joystick. It takes a few goes to get the hang of the joystick in Pew Pew, but it's a pretty simple concept.

For a basic game, Pew Pew has plenty of game options, where you can toggle the speed and number of missiles and, in a nice touch for lefties, the side of the screen you want the joystick on. Pew Pew's controls are definitely better for touchscreen devices, but unlike some commenters, we didn't think it was unusable with a mouse.

Pew Pew is cute and original, but hardly a revolutionary game. It's fun and free though, so give it a try!

Pew Pew


Pew Pew 1.331.335

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